Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who's That Girl?

So I’ve reached an age that I never even perceived. But here I am. Thankfully God blessed me with excellent genes & I’m able to live in denial a few years longer. Phew!

Double Phew that I didn’t write a long list of what I wanted to get done by now.
·         Ballerina – check
·         Fashion designer - check

…. because my life has changed so much in the last 3 years I'd have had to have thrown a longer list away..... in a good way.
I've gone from workaholic, city dwelling, career focussed, chic black wearing, foreign artsy movie watching, book reading, never stopping, designer, Melbourne-girl & single mother to one…  to multitasking, beachside dwelling, family focussed,  barefoot, Madagascar watching, blog reading, beach walking, never stopping (haha somethings won't change), designer of fun kidswear and gorgeously deliriously happy married mother of 5!
And all just by taking a risk & marrying the man of my dreams, moving thousands of kms from everything I’ve ever known. Best thing I ever did.

We have a beautiful raven haired 20 year old daughter who’s just coming into her own. From teenage princess (you know I love you sweetheart) to a fabulous 2-job, 2-uni courses (studying simultaneously) world traveller (off to China again next month for the 2nd time this year).

We have a 18 yr old son who’s in the difficult stage 17 year old boys find themselves in. Not a boy. Not a man… floating somewhere in between. When he finds his thing, this kid is going to soar. He’s got leadership skills that only come naturally and it puts a smile on my face for Future Son for the day I know is coming where he’ll find something to focus this.

Then there is our gorgeous 13 yr old. Something happened last summer that catapulted this primary school kid into a glowing, beautiful, poised high school kid. She’s our creative hard worker. She’s the girl that everyone likes because she’s just so likeable! And what’s exciting me even more is the emergence of a young lady who knows the difference between right and wrong and isn’t afraid to tell anyone. Strong and sweet. What an amazing combination.

Next in line is our 12 year old son. He & I were a 2 people team until we joined with this fabulous family. I’m so proud of my little boy… my little man. He’s had everything he’s ever known change on him and for the most part, excelled in that change. My clever boy is so thoughtful, doing lovely little things for everyone and (proud proud proud) was just accepted into his high school excellence program for next year. Interestingly his creative streak is just starting to show… in a love of crafts. And boy, can he talk!

Our littlest one is also 12. This child is the funniest person I know. Every single birthday card any of us receive, we crack up laughing at his sense of humour. He doesn’t know it, but you can tell how smart he is by his sense of humour. He’s also our most active and probably should have been born into an acrobat family. Every time the circus comes to town, I double check he’s not off looking for a job.

And my husband, what’s my husband like you ask. Well, I don’t think I’ve known a love like the one I have for my husband. And the way he loves me, unconditionally, is so wonderful. He’s one of those guys everyone thinks is hilarious in his political incorrectness. He’s really very naughty. But mostly, I’m very fortunate to have found a partner who’s just that… a partner. There’s no “sweetheart can you…..” in our house. Chances are, he’s already done it…yesterday. We share / co-do pretty much everything. His cooking is amazing. Moroccan Roast Lamb. Spicy Salt & Pepper Calamari. Sigh… He’s my strong, unique, hard working, non PC, exciting, snoring, funny, beautiful, tall, strong (did I mention strong?) rock. Most importantly, he’s so supportive of everything I do. In fact, he’s the one who’s been encouraging me from the day I moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne to start my own line. He’s a rock to all 6 of us.

So that’s us. These are the people who, hourly, get subjected to “ooohhhh look what I did now!!” and give me just the right response even if they’ve seen it that day… several times.


  1. Oh Kate what a beautiful insight into your fabulous family and you :) xxx

  2. LOVED this and so excited to get to know everyone a little better xx

  3. What a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous family :)

  4. Beautiful Kate. I can see the smile on your face as you wrote this piece. xxx

  5. Wonderful post Kate - thanks for sharing! ~ Christine xx